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Hope, Wellness, and Recovery for all looks different from person to person. What kind of service might help you to live your best life? Get connected today.

Are you in immediate crisis?

If you or someone you know are in crisis, please immediately call a crisis number.

Crisis Numbers

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Stark County residents can access behavioral health services regardless of their ability to pay through a Funded Provider. Funded Providers accept various insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid. Stark residents that are not covered by one of those options can receive services. Their ability to pay for those services will be determined by their income and could be fully subsidized by StarkMHAR.

How Are You Feeling?

Feeling sad, down or empty? Constantly worried or anxious? Worried about drinking habits or substance use? Experiencing mood swings from very high to very low? If you are concerned about yourself or someone you love, please take a few minutes to complete a quick quiz and get connected with local resources.