Award Nominations

Do you know someone doing extraordinary work in helping people with their mental health and/or addiction? You can nominate them here, any time, to be part of an annual celebration where they will be recognized in the spring of 2025.

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Advocate of the Year

The nominee for this award is a community volunteer who has made a significant positive impact in Stark County in helping in amplifying our community’s efforts in prevention, intervention, treatment or recovery from mental illness or substance abuse, and decreasing social stigma in seeking help.

Innovation Award

For this award, nominees are to stand out for their creativity and innovation in managing obstacles and change for people and families in recovery. Nominees should be recognized for the breakthrough efforts and willingness to take the road less travelled to make lives better here in Stark County.

Peers of the Year

Peers who have shown the most effort towards staying in the recovery stage of their illness who work or volunteer in our mental health system.

Professionals of the Year

Professionals in the mental health arena can include, Case Workers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurses, Counselors, Employment, Support Staff, etc.

Check spelling - this is how name will appear on recognition
Check spelling - this is how name will appear on recognition
Please include credentials such as Officer, MD, etc.

How Are You Feeling?

Feeling sad, down or empty? Constantly worried or anxious? Worried about drinking habits or substance use? Experiencing mood swings from very high to very low? If you are concerned about yourself or someone you love, please take a few minutes to complete a quick quiz and get connected with local resources.