Staff Directory


John R. Aller Executive Director 330-430-3930
Ron Bammerlin Associate Director of Operations 330-430-3937
Abbie Bryan Director of Human Resources 330-430-3948
Beth Watson Human Resource Specialist 330-430-3939
Dr. Anju Mader Chief Integration Officer 330-430-3984
Allyson Rey Director of Marketing,
Communications & Community Relations
Ashley Jarvis Communications Coordinator 330-430-3986
Shannon Isenberg Marketing Coordinator 330-430-3941
Jill Machamer Director of Administrative Support Services 330-430-3932
Cheryl Metzger Office Manager 330-430-3934
Melinda Sohovich Administrative Assistant 330-430-3945
Morgan Taggart Office Assistant 330-430-3935
Bev James Training Coordinator 330-430-3980

Business Operations

Adele Holzer Director of Finance 330-430-3938
Chris Mahaffey Manager of Accounting 330-430-3936
Matt Bertram Senior Staff Accountant 330-430-3940
Carrie Long Manager of Resource Development 330-430-3933
Emily Kimble Grants Accountant 330-430-3942
Katy Branch Accounting Specialist 330-430-3953

Clinical Services

Michele Boone Director of Clinical Services 330-430-3946
Erin Ivers Recovery Program Manager 330-430-3973
Stephanie Kutcher Quality Improvement Coordinator 330-430-3952
Jen Richeson Continuous Improvement Manager 330-430-3985
Katie Jacoby System Improvement Coordinator 330-430-3972
Donna Edwards Resiliency Program Manager 330-430-3981
Vacant Resiliency Services Coordinator 330-430-3950
Delaney Green Forensic Coordinator 330-430-3947
Justina Gorman Coalition & Community Development Coordinator 330-430-3944
Elena Aslanides-Kandis Suicide & Resiliency Services Coordinator 330-430-3949
Olivia Clokey Recovery Services Coordinator 330-430-3951
Tiffany Williams Family Engagement Coordinator 330-430-3976
Iliana Smith Diversity and Equity Coordinator 330-430-3956


Jen McIntosh Director of PartnerSolutions 330-430-3960
Jody McCluggage Data Systems Manager 330-430-3990
Aaron Kutcher Data Systems Supervisor 330-430-3962
Andy Gray Health Information Technology Manager 330-430-3961
Chris Dickey IT Systems Administrator 330-430-3971
Nidhi Pande Business Intelligence Analyst 330-430-3943
Gideon Setordzie Database Administrator & Analyst 330-430-3994
Cindy Hamrick Enrollment/Claims/IT Specialist 330-430-3966
Dara Covan MCO Support Specialist 330-430-3991
Jason Angione HIT Quality Project Lead 330-430-3963
Jill Cross Electronic Health Record Specialist 330-430-3970
Jennifer Keaton Homeless Navigation Program Lead 330-430-3964
Amanda Burdette Homeless Navigation Supervisor 330-430-3965
Christina Lester HMIS Specialist 330-430-3968
Tiana Davidson Homeless Navigation Specialist 330-430-3967
Kelli Whitted Enrollment/Claims/IT Specialist 330-430-3993
Cassie Johr Homeless Navigation Specialist 330-430-3988
Rinada Andrews Homeless Navigation Specialist 330-430-3989
Taylor Ross Homeless Navigation Specialist for Special Populations 330-430-3955

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