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The mission of We Are Troubled On Every Side (W.A.T.O.E.S.) is to empower people through community services, family structure and function to build healthy self-esteem. Through a partnership with Stark Social Workers Network and We Are Troubled On Every Side (W.A.T.O.E.S.), StarkMHAR has approved funding for a Community Response Team to provide support and assist in linking families to resources, services and help following traumatic events in underserved areas of Stark County. Community Response Team (CRT): As Victim Service Providers, we are committed to supporting families in their natural environment as they experience traumatic situations. Our goal is to provide support and assist in linking families to resources through other agencies and to help them after crisis situations.

Payment/Insurance Accepted

Accepts clients regardless of ability to pay.

Additional On-site Language Competency

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Community Response Team


The organizations, events, laws and other terminology that we use in dialogue with partners and clients help to communicate clearly, support recovery, know our community and understand our industry.