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The Children’s Network of Stark County Child Advocacy Center (The Network) helps children and their families cope with exposure to violence, sexual abuse, severe physical abuse and human trafficking through comprehensive, coordinated, investigative and professional services. StarkMHAR has approved funding for a Law Enforcement Liaison and Peer Navigator through a partnership with the Children’s Network of Stark County. The Law Enforcement Liaison coordinates countywide law enforcement activities for child victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, human trafficking and exposure to violence. The Peer Navigator works with children and their caregivers to reduce barriers and help them connect to culturally relevant, community supports and services.

Payment/Insurance Accepted

Accepts clients regardless of ability to pay.

Additional On-site Language Competency

Interpretation Line

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Family Navigator


The organizations, events, laws and other terminology that we use in dialogue with partners and clients help to communicate clearly, support recovery, know our community and understand our industry.