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Summit Psychological Associates is a full-service behavioral health agency located in Stark County. With over three decades in business as a mental health provider, Summit Psychological Associates offers the Smart Medication Assisted Recovery Treatment (SMART) Program which uses Vivitrol®, a once-a-month injectable form of Naltrexone that helps reduce cravings and block the effects of opiates for 30 days. Vivitrol® can be used to treat dependence to heroin, prescription opiates and alcohol. The SMART Program provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services.

Payment/Insurance Accepted

Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance

Additional On-site Language Competency

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StarkMHAR-Funded Programs

Adult Mental Health Services
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Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

HOPE Program
(Helping Offenders Psychologically and Emotionally)


The organizations, events, laws and other terminology that we use in dialogue with partners and clients help to communicate clearly, support recovery, know our community and understand our industry.