Drug Dropoff Locations

In partnership with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery has more than a dozen permanent drug collection boxes located at police departments across the county. These boxes are free of charge.

Safely Dispose of Rx Drugs

Did you know that two-thirds of teens who misused pain relievers in the past year say that they got them from family and friends, including their home’s medicine cabinets? This is one reason it’s so important to properly dispose of unwanted, expired prescriptions.

Opiates are prescribed for everything from sports injuries to dental work, to managing pain. While they are prescribed by most physicians for all the right reasons, at times they get into the hands of others who mean to use them for the wrong reasons. Look in the back of your medicine cabinet. You might find the bottle of Vicodin® you did not use up disappeared without you even knowing it is gone. Maybe you have a refill on that Percocet® script you didn’t fill, but your teenager did. These real-life scenarios may sound far-fetched to some, but for parents in fear their child is using, or the teacher who sees signs that something is just simply wrong with a student, playing it safe and disposing of prescriptions properly keeps drugs out of the illicit supply pipeline.



  • Regularly clean out your medicine cabinet
  • Keep pills in their original packaging when using the disposal boxes; remove or black out personal, identifiable information first
  • Model responsible medicine use and talk with your kids about medication safety


  • Keep unwanted, expired medications
  • Flush medicine down the toilet or sink drain; it poses environmental hazards
  • Put loose pills in the disposal boxes; they create a safety hazard when collected
  • Put liquids, sharps, nebulizers, or trash in the disposal boxes

Permanent Locations

Get rid of unwanted prescriptions at these safe drop box locations throughout Stark County. Interactive map »

Alliance City Police Department 470 E. Market St., Alliance »

Brewster Police Department 145 W. 1st St., Brewster » 

Canton City Police Department 218 Cleveland Ave. SW, Canton » 

City of Canal Fulton Police Department 1165 Locust St. S, Canal Fulton » 

Hartville Police Department 202 W. Maple St., Hartville » 

Jackson Township Police Department 7383 Fulton Drive NW, Massillon » 

Louisville Police Department 1150 W. Main St., Louisville » 

Magnolia Police Department 328 N. Main St., Magnolia » 

Marlboro Township Police Department 7344 Edison St. NE, Hartville » 

Massillon Police Department 2 James Duncan Plaza, Massillon » 

Minerva Police Department 209 N. Market St., Minerva » 

Navarre Village Hall 27 Canal St. W, Navarre »

North Canton Police Department 145 N. Main St., North Canton » 

Ohio State Highway Patrol 4711 Shuffel St. NW, North Canton »

Perry Township Police Department 622 Genoa Ave. SW, Massillon » 

Stark County Sheriff’s Office  4500 Atlantic Blvd. NE, Canton » 

Uniontown Police Station 1635 Edison St. NW, Uniontown » 

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