Suicide Prevention Coalition

Our Story

Funded by Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery, the Stark County Suicide Prevention Coalition is a partnership of representatives from more than 20 local community organizations, community members, and those with lived experience working together to save lives. Active members currently include representatives from community advocacy, behavioral health organizations, survivors of suicide loss, social service organizations, human service agencies, government organizations, medical facilities and educational institutions. If you are interested in spreading our mission and helping to reduce suicide in Stark County, we welcome you to join our efforts.

Our Vision

is aspiring to be a well-informed, aligned and engaged coalition that works together in eliminating suicide.

Our Mission

is to provide guidance and expertise to promote hope, wellness and behavioral health as a means of preventing suicide in our community.

Our Goal

is to provide education, guidance and resources to achieve a Stark County community with zero suicides.

About Us

The Coalition meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to carry out data-driven strategies as a means to promote suicide prevention activities, reduce stigma around suicide and mental illness, and empower individuals to get involved in saving lives. The strategies we utilize to prevent suicide are focused on creating protective environments, improving access and delivery of suicide care, promoting healthy connections, teaching coping and problem-solving skills, identifying and supporting people at risk, lessening harm and preventing future risk, and strengthening economic supports.

How We Began

The Stark County Suicide Prevention Coalition was first formed in January 2003, identifying our primary goals and target populations. Since then, our partnerships have grown and we have amended our strategic plan on an annual basis. Our Coalition has collaborated with representatives of the United States Air Force, the organization with best practices for suicide prevention, and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. We have sponsored community-wide conferences with former United States Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher and Clinician/Researcher Dr. Thomas Joiner as key presenters. All of these individuals have contributed to our continued development, but our goal has remained constant throughout: to reduce the number of suicides in Stark County.

Our Invitation to You

Join our efforts in any of the following ways:

  • Join the Stark County Suicide Prevention Coalition.
  • Consider having your business/organization join us in working together to save lives by hosting a QPR training.
  • Invite a coalition member to your business, church, school, or community organization to help plan an activity and/or provide suicide awareness and prevention training.
  • Like us on Facebook to follow and share our information.
  • Take a pledge to check in on someone daily.
  • If you own firearms, store them safely in your home. Learn why this matters

To learn more about the Stark County Suicide Prevention Coalition, contact the Suicide and Community Response Coordinator at 330-455-6644.

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