CARE Teams

offering successful future for at-risk students

Funded in-part by Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery, CARE Team collaborates with teachers, administrators and staff from law enforcement, mental health and other community social service agencies. Teams are implemented in individual school-based environments to address obstacles facing at-risk students and their families. School and academic performance is affected by many issues including physical health, substance abuse, physical abuse, housing, nutrition and poverty.

On-site collaboration, using a proven wrap-around service model of human service organizations, is the best way to create lasting change and offer a successful future for at-risk students. The CARE Team program provides prevention, intervention and asset-building tailored to the needs of the child.

Parents, students, teachers, school administrators, community providers, law enforcement and other professionals work together to ensure that every student succeeds. The CARE team service model provides:

  • An adult member of the school neighborhood who provides advocacy and support for families
  • Teams of teachers taking personal responsibility for the success of each of their students
  • Academic, leadership, relationship and other social skill building opportunities offered during, before, and after school, as well as summer programming for targeted students
  • Academic mentoring and tutoring by caring community partners
  • On-site mental health prevention/intervention
  • Family court and law enforcement involvement as appropriate
  • Health and wellness support by school personnel
  • Alcohol and drug prevention and intervention

CARE Team works to improve the quality of life of children in Stark County by helping at-risk children stay in school and become self-sufficient and productive in the work force. The program assists students, and their families, overcome obstacles that could prevent the students from obtaining an education. These services, offered within the school setting, are easily accessible for families and are part of the student’s daily routine.

CARE Team is a collaboration of Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery, United Way of Greater Stark County, Stark County Family Court, Stark County Education Service Center, Stark County Job and Family Services, Stark County Family Counsel and funded in-part by American Electric Power Foundation, Aultman Health Foundation, Key Bank and JPMorgan Chase Bank.