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We are pleased to allow the use of the Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery logo for authorized event sponsorship, program or initiative partners and funding acknowledgement. To request artwork in vector or eps format, please email an inquiry to

StarkMHAR Brand Standards & Guidelines

From the 2014-15 funded provider agreement, provider organizations shall promote the StarkMHAR brand according to the following protocols:

Printed/Collateral Materials:

  • The StarkMHAR logo is to appear on all printed, digital, etc. materials, including, but not limited to brochures, flyers, annual reports, specialty items if applicable, etc.
  • When possible, the StarkMHAR logo should be reproduced in full color.
  • The StarkMHAR logo is always to appear in the proper proportion. It is never to be condensed, stretched or otherwise altered.
  • StarkMHAR funded providers are to strive to use the logo whenever possible. Anything other than the logo shall only be used with the consent of StarkMHAR’s Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Relations or the Executive Director.

Web sites and Other Digital Materials:

  • The StarkMHAR logo is to be displayed on digital materials and the funded provider’s Web site, preferably on the home page. If it is not feasible to display the logo on the homepage, it shall be prominently displayed on an appropriate corresponding page such as the programs/services page. The logo should have a live link to StarkMHAR’s site.


  • Static stickers displaying the wording “Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery [logo] Care Network” shall be posted on all publicly accessible doors. Such stickers shall be available soon and provided by StarkMHAR.

Broadcasts (Paid and Public Service):

  • Paid and public service broadcasts shall mention funding by StarkMHAR as applicable.

The provider shall notify and request representation from StarkMHAR at any annual meeting or events where StarkMHAR funded programs are highlighted. StarkMHAR shall provide advance notice to the provider of any public meeting or event held by StarkMHAR.

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