Local ‘I’m Here’ video receives First Place Gold Award in SAMHSA’s 2018 Excellence in Community Communications And Outreach Competition

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Stark County, OH (August 21, 2018) The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently recognized organizations nationwide that are making outstanding strides toward increasing communication and outreach efforts around substance abuse and mental health issues in their communities, as reducing stigma and promoting awareness continue to be top priorities around these issues. Stark County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery (StarkMHAR) received a First Place Gold Award for its “I’m Here” video and an honorable mention for its “You’re Not Alone” video.

Watch “I’m Here”

Watch “You’re Not Alone”

“We’re fortunate to have creative people who collaborate around promoting health and wellness in our community, and these two videos are a testament to what that kind of thinking can produce,” said John Aller, Executive Director of StarkMHAR. “Max Doll, our Young Adult Specialist, is always thinking about how to get the attention of youth in our community, and in this case, he teamed up with local students to bring these powerful pieces to life,” he added.

Rashaud Polk of The Project Warehouse Audio Visual Institute, Inc. produced both videos, and guided the youth and young adults through a creative process to write the scripts as well.

“I’m Here” was produced by StarkMHAR in collaboration with YouthMOVE to reach cross-system partners and behavioral health providers. The subject in the video expresses concerns about their diagnoses and offers honest thoughts on how they feel about their care. The video premiered at the Cultural Influences and Health Care Series: Youth and Young Adults Culture and Community.

“You’re Not Alone” was produced by StarkMHAR in partnership with YouthMOVE and a high school’s Social Justice Club. The video features youth and young adults using spoken word and poetry to share concern about their peers’ attitudes toward mental health and how those attitudes affect their willingness to ask for help.

About Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery is a multi-faceted organization of expert professionals, dedicated volunteers and concerned community leaders close to mental health and addiction needs right here at home. StarkMHAR is responsible for planning, funding and monitoring public mental health and addiction prevention, early intervention and treatment services delivered to the residents of Stark County. It is one of approximately 50 boards coordinating the public behavioral health system across Ohio. StarkMHAR also advocates for residents with behavioral health issues at both the local and state levels and provides educational opportunities for local providers and other community stakeholders. For more online about the work of StarkMHAR, visit www.StarkMHAR.org