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Stark County, OH (June 28, 2018)Crisis Intervention and Recovery Center (CIRC), a provider in StarkMHAR’s care network and a community resource for both acute and ongoing behavioral health care services, has entered into an engagement with Coleman Professional Services (CPS) to operate under CPS as a stand-alone nonprofit company.  This collaborative decision was made to prioritize client care, access to services and staff retention, and to ensure that critical and quality services are uninterrupted and sustained.

“This plan reflects what’s most important, and that is peoples’ ability to access or continue with the high quality services that CIRC provides,” said John Aller, Executive Director of StarkMHAR. “The plan also puts an emphasis on retaining current staff,” he added.

Services that are most closely aligned with CIRC’s core mission – Crisis/Opiate Hotlines, Mobile Response and Crisis Stabilization Services (among others) – will continue to be provided by them. The H.O.P.E. and Free Space program for women have been transitioned to Summit Psychological Associates, and outpatient services are being transferred to alternate providers as well.

Like many providers, CIRC has experienced pressures related to Ohio’s Behavioral Health Redesign initiative – which drastically impacts coding, billing, and services reimbursement, and can require reconfiguration of overall clinical and business operations and practices. Additionally, a July 1 transition to managed care is presenting its own set of challenges for behavioral health care agencies.

“We have confidence in the leadership of all organizations involved, and we are drawing on lessons learned from past events to guide our community forward in a collaborative way,” said Aller.

Liaisons have been established at the affected agencies to encourage swift coordination of communication and the best experience possible for those receiving services. Anyone concerned or unsure about the continuity of their care should call Gayle Stickley, Transition Liaison, at (330) 452-9812.


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