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Opiate Prevention

Opiates are prescribed for everything from sports injuries, to dental work, to managing pain. While they are prescribed by most physicians for all the right reasons, many times they get into the hands of others who mean to use them for the wrong reasons. Look in the back of your medicine cabinet. You might find the bottle of Vicodin® you did not use up disappeared without you even knowing it is gone. Maybe you have a refill on that Percocet® script you didn’t fill, but your teenager did. These real-life scenarios may sound far fetched to some, but for parents in fear their child is using or the teacher who sees signs that something is just simply wrong with a student, Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery has partnered with others to bring prevention resources to Stark County residents.


Opiate Prevention Online Toolkit

Designed for students, educators and for parents, Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery partnered with Drug Free Stark County and the Stark County Educational Service Center to make this online resource tool accessible to the public. Go to the Opiate Prevention Toolkit »


Drug Free Stark County

In partnership with Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery, Drug Free Stark County works to promote substance abuse prevention through community education and awareness.

  • Stark County Drug Drop Collections Stark County has more than a dozen permanent drug collection boxes located at police departments across the county. These boxes are accessible 24/7 and free of charge. Permanent drug drop off locations »
  • Stark County’s Drug Take Back Day As of September 2015, Stark County has collected more than 26,000 pounds of unwanted medication through Drug Take Back Day »
  • Speakers Bureau Coalition members are available to lead community meetings, speak to student and parent groups about the prescription drug and heroin epidemic. Read more about the Speakers Bureau »
  • Be On the Look Out (BOLO) All families, regardless of socio-economic, race and other factors, can be affected by drug and alcohol abuse. Learn more about BOLO parent resources »

Learn more about Drug Free Stark County »


Opiate Task Force

In partnership with Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery, the Opiate Task Force was created as a place for all sectors of Stark County to come together and address the issue of opiates in Stark County. The task force is comprised of law enforcement, medical personnel, treatment providers, community leaders and parents. For more information about the Opiate Task Force of Stark County » or to become involved, please contact Allison Esber, StarkMHAR Systems Initiative Manager, at 330-430-3972 or Allison.Esber@StarkMHAR.org.