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Life brings with it a variety of stresses and challenges. Many children, youth and young adults struggle with serious mental disorders that negatively impact them at school and at home. Many have difficulties with their relationships with their friends and teachers and they often feel isolated and alone.

Stark County Child Protective Services » serves children suspected of abuse and neglect. Dial 330-455-KIDS (5437).

06-02-16_father-daughterThe sooner children and youth with mental health problems are identified evaluated and are able to receive treatment services, the sooner recovery can begin and they can become successful in school and at home. Children, youth and young adults who are able to get the services they need and develop the skills to handle life’s difficulties are less likely to drop out of school or become involved in alcohol and drugs. Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery (StarkMHAR) is committed to helping the children, youth and young adults grow into happy healthy adults by providing a variety of services that are culturally competent, developmentally appropriate and accessible in a variety of settings.

Childhood Resiliency Services Did you know that we can teach children (and ourselves) how to become more resilient? By teaching and practicing certain qualities of resiliency, we can better prepare children for success in school, with peers, and in life. Research demonstrates that children who display higher levels of behaviors associated with resiliency transition more easily into Kindergarten, perform better in school, and are less likely to have behavior problems.

The Childhood Resiliency Project is an early childhood mental health consultation service. Consultation provided is strength-based, and designed to promote social and emotional learning (SEL) in young children. The Childhood Resiliency Project, which began in 2003, and operates in programs serving young children and families throughout Stark County. The Childhood Resiliency Project is designed to foster resiliency, enhance social and emotional development, and decrease behavioral concerns of children, infants to age 8. Development of social, emotional and behavioral skills is associated with young children being better able to benefit from early learning environments and opportunities. Contact CommQuest for more information about The Childhood Resiliency Project at 330-455-0374.

Early Childhood Mental Health Services Early identification and evaluation of mental health concerns leads to a greater chance for more positive life experiences, better peer and family relationships and more success in school. Early childhood mental health services are provided in the home, in the community or in the school setting. Services are most effective when they are delivered where children spend the majority of their time. For more information about early childhood mental health services, contact Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health at 330-454-7917 or CommQuest at 330-455-0374.

06-02-16_mom-kidsTransitional Age Youth and Young Adults The time between adolescence and adulthood is a critical time in life. Helping young people overcome challenges and learn the necessary skills for adulthood can be made even more difficult with a mental illness. Oftentimes, this is a time when symptoms first emerge and difficulties are first identified. And yet it is a time of inspiration and hope as young people grow into the adults and they pursue their dreams. StarkMHAR is committed to providing the best services available for transitional age youth and young adults. Services are youth oriented and developmentally appropriate. StarkMHAR utilizes the Transition to Independence Process (TIP) System evidence based practices. StarkMHAR is fortunate to have the only TIP trainer available in the State of Ohio on staff to help guide, inform and insure that the services for youth and young adults follow the TIP model.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services StarkMHAR provides funding for alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention services at a variety of agencies, in a variety of settings including in the community and at school. Prevention services are aimed at reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in youth.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services StarkMHAR is committed to ensuring that youth who are struggling with a substance use disorder are able to access the services they need. Youth treatment services are for people under age 18 who are experiencing problems at home, at school or in the community as a result of their alcohol or drug use. If you, or your family member need alcohol or drug services contact CommQuest at 330-455-0374 or Stark County TASC (DYS youth) at 330-479-1912 for more information and assistance.

Drug Free Stark County StarkMHAR is the recipient of a federal SAMHSA Drug Free Communities five-year grant to reduce the use of substances in Stark County. Projects of the grant include Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders committee and the Red Ribbon Committee. Find out more about Drug Free Stark County »

System-wide Partnerships StarkMHAR is committed to working in collaboration with other child and youth serving organizations and has formed partnerships with the following organizations to provide mental health and alcohol/drug prevention, intervention and treatment services:

Care Teams: Many of the school districts in Stark County have Care Teams available to assist your child with school success by “wrapping” services around your child. StarkMHAR helps to provide funding for the services such as alcohol/drug prevention, teen screen and mental health consultation services. Ask your child’s school counselor for more information about Care Teams.

Traumatized Child Task Force: This is a group of individuals who come together to help plan the services for our most vulnerable children and youth who have experienced trauma. StarkMHAR is committed to ensuring the contract providers are knowledgeable and experienced in helping you and your child cope with and manage unforeseeable and uncontrollable life circumstances that result in trauma.

Multi-systemic Therapy (MST): Multi-systemic Therapy (MST) is an evidenced based practice for multi-system youth who are at risk of being removed from their homes and placed in the custody of the Ohio Department of Youth Services. Services are short term, intensive and delivered in the home.