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If you are a Stark County resident with lived experience interested in working in the behavioral health field, apply today for the $1,000 Recovery Workforce Scholarship! Learn more about the previous Recovery Workforce Scholarship recipient, Robin Logan and apply online today! Applications due August 12, 2016.

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Robin’s Story

Giving Back to Her Community

07-25-16_Robin-Logan-webpage-graphicRobin Logan wears broken in cowboy boots with pink trim. She is seated at a round table at Pegasus Farm Equestrian Center in Hartville, where she mentors kids from Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health. She also serves as a role model for Stark County youth at C&A, a funded provider of Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery. In her work, Robin sees a gamut of behavioral health issues – from anxiety and depression to trauma. The 2016 recipient of StarkMHAR’s Recovery Workforce Scholarship, Robin expresses a heartfelt thank you for the gift to be able to continue her education in behavioral health care.

“If I hadn’t gotten that scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for last semester, so I wouldn’t have been able to register for this semester,” Robin says. “I would have had to quit school.”

Robin is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in social work at the University of Akron. After graduation, she plans to obtain her license in social work, go on for her Master’s degree and obtain her license to practice independently. “Eventually,” she says, “I would like to start my own home for children that includes animal therapy.”

As a child, Robin knew she wanted to help people. She wanted to be a doctor. After high school, she obtained an Associate’s degree and began working as a medical assistant within a regional healthcare system. Helping doctors with exams for pregnant women was enjoyable but not quite the right fit. One day after talking to a patient in her early 60s about how she had been raped as a teenager, Robin led the patient to the social worker to get resources. It was then Robin realized she wanted to help people by connecting them with resources. She wanted to be a social worker.

During this time, Robin was also suffering from depression. She continued her medication and began to see a therapist. Eventually, she lost her job due to depression and remained unemployed for a number of years.

After successfully finding help, life took a change in direction. Robin says, “In 2010, after I had experienced firsthand the help that social workers and other professionals could give to people, I decided that it was time to give back to the community that had helped me and my family so much.”

Today, Robin holds an Associate’s degree in social work and is one year from her Bachelor’s degree. “I cannot express how grateful I am for this generous contribution to my education,” Robin says. “Your generosity had made this possible.”

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Questions? If you have any questions about the scholarship or application, please contact Emily Provance, Resource Development Coordinator at 330-430-3948 or