stigma awareness campaign

Step In. Step Up.

Step-In-LogoIn 2013, the Community Affairs committee of Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery invited prominent area advertising agencies known for their philanthropic work to craft a promotional campaign to:

  • Address stigma awareness in order for residents to be comfortable accessing services
  • Help the community understand the breadth and depth of our local system of care and what StarkMHAR does for county residents
  • Help position the organization for additional collaborative opportunities within the community

The ad agencies collaborated on a creative team to develop a striking, and memorable unifying theme. After several creative sessions and several pitches, Step In. Step Up. was born. Shoes were chosen as the consistent visual accompaniment because they are viewed as a basic necessity for all residents regardless of socio-economic level, age, vocation and more.

Through this awareness campaign residents are urged to not only recognize mental health and addiction issues among their friends, family and loved ones, but to take up the call to action by stepping in and stepping up to find help.

Members of the Marketing Innovations Committee of StarkMHAR are: Nicole LaRocca from CMC (Crowl Montgomery Clark), Jennifer Draher at Grabowski & Company, Emily Mays at Innis Maggiore and Mark Spaner (board member) and Melissa Quinlan of Spaner Communications.

Key constituency markets were identified as targets for specialized communications and promotional elements: Medical Community (Innis Maggiore), Education Community (CMC – Crowl Montgomery Clark), Law & Justice Community (Grabowski & Company), and the countywide Community (Spaner Marketing).

A warm thank you to the talented, creative members of the Marketing Innovations Committee for eliminating the barriers of competition as they kept a keen, professional eye focused on helping residents of Stark County find the prevention, treatment and recovery resources they need!