Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Care Facilities Questions

How do I find out how to open a group home (Adult Care Facility)?
The Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services website ( has a tab devoted to housing that addresses all questions about the application process, program rules and contact information.

Alcohol and Drug Questions

A family member needs drug treatment, where can they go?
If your family member needs detoxification services, they can call the Crisis Center at 330-452-6000. If they don’t need detoxification services, they can call CommQuest Services at 330-455-0374. Your family member will need to call for themselves because of confidentiality restrictions. If the situation is a crisis, call the Crisis Hotline at 330-452-6000 or call 9-1-1.

A family member needs long term residential treatment for drugs or alcohol. Where can they go, and who will pay for it?
CommQuest Services provides residential treatment for people with alcohol and/or drug issues. The length of stay is based upon their individual need. The cost of services is based upon a person’s ability to pay. No one is turned down for services because of an inability to pay.

I want to get on Suboxone but I can’t afford it. Where can I get it?
CommQuest Services has medication-assisted treatment services available. The cost of treatment is based on your ability to pay, and no one is turned down for services because of an inability to pay.

I want to get Vivatrol. Where can I go?
At this time, you will need to see a private doctor to receive Vivatrol. Check with your insurance plan or your primary care provider for a referral to a doctor who treats addiction.

StarkMHAR Questions

What is Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery or StarkMHAR? What do you do?
A multi-faceted county behavioral health board comprised of expert professionals, dedicated volunteers and concerned community leaders, Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery (StarkMHAR) believes in hope, wellness and recovery for everyone. To accomplish this vision, the mission of StarkMHAR is to support wellness and recovery through innovation in funding, collaboration, education and advocacy. StarkMHAR is empowered by the State of Ohio to plan, develop, fund, manage and evaluate community-based mental health and addiction services. Federal, state and local funds are utilized to ensure mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services are available to individuals and families in Stark County.

I am interested in receiving StarkMHAR’s newsletter. How do I sign up to receive it?
To sign up for StarkMHAR’s eNews, please visit our eNews page » and enter your information.

Can you speak at my event/sponsor my event?
StarkMHAR staff have a variety of topics they present for the public. Visit the Speakers Bureau »

How do I become a StarkMHAR Care Network provider agency?
Please contact Manager of Programs and Evaluations Michele Boone at 330-430-3946 or

I am interested in a job at StarkMHAR or a local behavioral health care provider. Who should I contact?
Open positions for StarkMHAR and behavioral health provider agencies are posted on the Jobs page »

Where are StarkMHAR offices located?
Our offices are on the southwest corner of Cleveland Avenue and Tuscarawas Street in Canton, Ohio. The address is 121 Cleveland Ave SW. There is a parking deck in the same building as our offices which can be accessed from Tuscarawas Street (look for REM Parking sign). Parking is $5. Cash is required.

Who are the Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery board of directors? How do I become a StarkMHAR board member?
The board of directors is comprised of eighteen members. Ten members are appointed by Stark County Commissioners, eight members are appointed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Board members shall meet all criteria, rules and regulations specified in Section 340.02 of the Ohio Revised Code. Individuals interested in becoming board members can contact Jill Machamer, Director of Administrative Support Services to see if there are any openings, as well as request an application. For more about the Board of Directors »

Crisis Situation

I need to get help today, where can I go?
If you are in danger of hurting yourself or other people, please dial 9-1-1 and they can help you get immediate help. You can also call the Crisis Hotline at 330-452-6000.

Disposal of Drugs

Where are the prescription drug boxes located?
Stark County has 17 permanent drug collection boxes throughout the county. Learn more about permanent drug collection boxes and locations »

When is the next Drug Take Back Day?
Stark County’s Drug Take Back Day is usually held in late September. You can also take advantage of the permanent drug collection boxes located throughout the county at most area police departments. Learn more about permanent drug collection boxes and locations »

Emergency Housing

How do I obtain emergency housing for myself or a loved one?
If you or your loved one are currently working with a provider, they can assist you. If you or your loved one are not currently receiving services, the Homeless Hotline handles all homeless housing requests. Dial 330-452-4363 anytime.

No Insurance

I don’t have insurance, but I need to see a counselor and/or psychiatrist. Are there options for me?
Several of our treatment agencies work with individuals without insurance coverage, such as Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health, Crisis Intervention and Recovery Services, Coleman Professional Services and CommQuest Services. Contact information is listed on the StarkMHAR Care Network directory »

Medical Records Request

I need to have my records sent to Social Security or my current provider. How do I proceed?
We recommend contacting your provider for medical records.

Mental Health Questions

I have a loved one in jail that has mental health concerns. Who can I call?
If your loved one is 18-25 years old and you need additional assistance, you can contact Stark County TASC at 330-479-1912 and ask for the Jail Liaison. If your loved one is older than 25, you can contact Coleman Professional Services at 330-438-2400 and ask for the Jail Liaison. Jeannie Cool, StarkMHAR’s Forensic Coordinator, can also be contacted for assistance at 330-430-3947 or

What can I do when I need to call the police about a loved one due to their current behavior?
If police need to be called, it is always best to request a “CIT-trained officer” to respond to the call. They are trained to deal with individuals with mental health concerns.

How do I become a guardian to a loved one?
If you are interested in being a loved one’s guardian, please call the Stark County Probate Court at 330-451-7752. They can walk you through the process.

My family member has a mental health issue. Who can I talk with?
You can contact Stephanie Kutcher, Client Services Coordinator/Ombudsman, at 330-430-3952 or