StarkMHAR Board of Directors

2018-19 Board Members. Left to right. Front row: Tom Douce, Elizabeth Bowen, Leigh Shaheen, Brandice Schnabel, Julie Gonzalez, Elayne Dunlap, Diane Wilson. Back row: Michael Pomesky, Andrew Turowski, Bailey Bunnell, Mark Spanner, Joe Luckring, Patricia Williams, Sharla Elton. Not pictured: Mark Brink, Jack Cooper, Jaylaunna Davis, Dr. Eileen Schwartz.

StarkMHAR Board Membership Roster for SFY 2020

FISCAL YEAR: JULY 1, 2019 – JUNE 30, 2020

Board of Stark County Commissioners Appointments

Class of 2017-2021 Class of 2018-2022 Class of 2019-2023

Tom Douce
Leigh Shaheen
Brandice Schnabel
Eileen Schwartz

Jaylaunna Davis
Sharla Elton
Diane Wilson
Michael Pomesky

Taylor Schauer


Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) Appointments

Class of 2016-2020 Class of 2017-2021 Class of 2018-2022 Class of 2019-2023
Patricia Williams Elizabeth Bowen
Julie Gonzalez
Mark Brink Michelle Balderson
Richard Bennett
Rick Campbell
Kathy Catazaro-Perry


Executive Committee 2019-2020

President………………..Julie Gonzalez
Vice President…………Patricia Williams
Secretary………………..Brandice Schnabel
Treasurer………………..Sharla Elton
Past President………….Andrew Turowski

Finance Committee 
Program and Evaluation Committee
Sharla Elton, Chair Tom Douce, Chair
Elizabeth Bowen Julie Gonzalez
Mark Brink Brandice Schnabel
Michael Pomesky Eileen Schwartz
Taylor Schauer Rick Campbell
Patricia Williams
Diane Wilson
Community Affairs Committee
Education and Training Committee
Brandice Schnabel, Chair Leigh Shaheen, Chair
Mark Brink Tom Douce
Jaylaunna Davis Brandice Schnabel
Julie Gonzalez Eileen Schwartz
Leigh Shaheen Jaylaunna Davis
Richard Bennett Diane Wilson
Julie Gonzalez
Richard Bennett
Information and Business Technology Subcommittee
Policy Subcommittee
Eileen Schwartz, Chair Tom Douce
Elizabeth Bowen Brandice Schnabel
Sherry McKinney-Franz (Ad Hoc Member – Children’s Network) Rick Campbell
Michael Pomesky
Brandice Schnabel
Miriam Walton (Ad Hoc Member – Ashtabula County MHRSB)