About StarkMHAR

VISION: Hope, wellness and recovery for everyone.

MISSION: StarkMHAR supports wellness and recovery through innovation in funding, collaboration, education and advocacy.

CORE VALUES: To carry out its mission and vision, StarkMHAR is committed to the following core values.

  1. A Belief in Wellness and Recovery – We support the highest level of trauma-informed care individualized to each client.
  2. Professionalism and Integrity – We are a trained, professional and qualified team making decisions based on data and emerging needs.
  3. Good Stewards of the Public’s Trust and Funds – We are accountable to the community and funders for the most cost-effective care selected through competitive grant cycles.
  4. Leadership through Collaborations and Partnerships – We strive to be thought leaders and conveners of various community-based systems and professionals.
  5. Inclusion – We engage diverse partners to reflect consumer voice and community needs with cultural and linguistic competence.
  6. Innovation and Creativity – We fund and promote evidence-based practices and pilot projects which foster new models of service delivery.

GOALS: The StarkMHAR Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 includes the following goals.

  • Expand and diversify services throughout the county
  • Create a resiliency and recovery oriented system of care
  • Integrate physical and behavioral health to improve health outcomes
  • Improve behavioral health services for justice-involved clients
  • Promote strategic system efficiencies and workforce capacity
  • Build upon and enhance public awareness of behavioral health as essential to community health